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Digital Magic #18

The Power of Sharing

On Thursday Oct. 30th I was interviewed on a live Webcast called Seedlings. It it now saved as a podcast and you can find it here. The last 15 min. of their show is always reserved for the Geek of the Week which is a chance to share links to really cool sites.

Here is the Geek of the Week on Del.icio.us.

So, this week’s Digital Magic will focus on what others have shared that they like:


1. Kerpoof



2. Liz Davis’ 21st Century Technology Tools

A collection of tutorials on Web 2.0 technology tools such as Google Docs, Wikispaces, Ning, VoiceThread, Diigo and Delicious.


3. Quizlet



4. VoiceThread

Although this was shared on Geek of the Week, here is a VoiceThread that I created for a presentation:

Learning Conversations

Notice how others have commented on my presentation using text, voice and video?

Things that make you go Hmmmmm…

How can you use Voicethread in the classroom? What benefits would there be to having students comment on presentations so that other students can see and hear the feedback? What subjects could you use this in?


Special thanks to Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes and Bob Sprankle for having me on Seedlings hosted by EdTechTalk. They are wonderful educators that promote sharing and learning by teachers and students alike!


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Digital Magic #15

Amplifying the Possibilities K12 Online Conference

Go to their wiki

Click to go to the wiki

This K12 Online Conference kicks off with great 20min. presentations every day this week.

The focus is on several areas, but for the sake of Digital Magic, I will talk about the Getting Started Strand. Here are some video teasers to help you decide if you are interested in seeing any of these presentations.

K12 Online 2008 – Getting Started Teasers

“I Like Delicious Things” Teaser

By Chris Betcher

“Never Too Young” Teaser

By Sharon Betts

“Web 2.0 Tools to Amplify Elementary Students’ Creativity and Initiative” Teaser

By Jackie Gerstein

“What Is School?” Getting Started Keynote Teaser

By Alice Barr, Bob Sprankle, Cheryl Oakes

“What did you do in school today, last month and three years ago?” Teaser

By H Songhai

“Traveling Through The Dark” Teaser

By Steven Kimmi

“Reading Revolution: New Texts and New Technologies” Teaser

By Laurie Fowler

“Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy” Teaser

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