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Mr. PicassoHead: Art

Mr. PicassoHead

A great activity to do with students. I have used it for art, and primarily for faces,

But a short trip through the gallery can show other great possibilities. A caution that the gallery is not moderated and some contributors are quite rude. I would do a search and find specific examples to express what you would like conveyed. There is the option for colour too, but I like black and white… especially for printing.

*Remember internet safety, caution students about signing their names and/or inputing thier e-mail address to have their work put in the gallery.

[Artwork is mine from the site.]


January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Art, David Truss, lesson idea, tools, web based


  1. The picture Mr. PicassoHead has attracted me the most. It talks indeed. And the art talks serve us as a mirror…

    I would be happy if you could visit my site. It would be lovely to hear your comments.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Tomas | January 3, 2007

  2. I’m glad you like the first image, I like it the most as well. It is simple, yet it can be one or two faces. I neglected titles for the images, mostly because I no longer remember the exact titles I gave them. The first one is saved as ‘Maybe3’, but that was not the original titles. The second and third drawings are saved as ‘caffeine Required’ and ‘Inseparable’ respectively.
    What I like most about the site is using face parts that they give you for different parts of the face, such as using eyebrows to create eyes or a mouth. Go to the site and have some fun… then show it to your kids/students!

    ps. Tomas your art is wonderful!

    Comment by datruss | January 4, 2007

  3. […] I shared this with Trina, ask her how she used it with her class. I also wrote about it before on this blog. […]

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