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GeoSennse: On-line Geography Game

This post by Curtis sums it up well…

“[WARNING: Highly Addictive.]

is a site where you can challenge your own knowledge of world geography
(well, at least in terms of the locations of cities around the US,
Europe, and the world), and can test that knowledge against others.

You can create your own handle or sign in as a guest. You can play
alone or against other online players; you can confine play to a map of
the US or of Europe, or you can choose a map of the whole planet.
Additionally there is an advanced mode which asks you to locate places
that are comparatively obscure; and you can play in scramble mode,
where the name of the target is revealed a letter at a time.

Time is an important factor—your score is based both on accuracy of
location and speed of response. Be forewarned—many of the online
players are quite good.

It’s altogther too much fun if you’re anywhere nearly as geekish as myself.”


January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Social Studies, web based

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