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Questions about me, and this site…

Who am I?
A husband, a parent…
An educator, a student…
A thinker, a dreamer…
An agent of change.

What is this blog about?
I have been compiling an extensive de.licio.us account and I find that I need a place to put down my practical ideas that dart across my mind when I find a ‘useful’ link worthy of bookmarking.

Where else do I blog?
My ’Pair-a-Dimes for Your Thoughts’ on DavidTruss.com has a philosophical bent to it. My thoughts on education, learning and technology.

When and why did I start this? (Don’t bother with this link, just a little history of where this all started.)
My David Truss – Practic-All blog started on Bloglines, but I found wordpress to be more… practical. I just wanted a space to put down lessons, activities and strategies that didn’t seem to fit on my ‘Pair-a-dimes’ site. I hope others will find it practical too!

Feel free to Contact Me. I spend more time at my ’Pair-a-Dimes for Your Thoughts’ blog than I do here.



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